Download ShowBox for PC – Windows 10, 8.1,7 and XP

Showbox is the most popular entertainment in the Android town. Within a short time frame, this app has driven the people crazy. Sowbox is an amazing app which allows you to watch great variety of movies and TV shows free of cost.


Since the day one, users are loving this app. Developers always keep updating the app for better experience. For a long time, users have loved this app on the Android phones. But now users are always asking for the PC version. Unfortunately, there is no PC version of Showbox. But there is a trick, with which we can install this app easily on the PC. This article is completely dedicated to the guide on how to download Showbox on the PC.


To be honest, Showbox is heavenly app for TV lovers. You can use this app on all Android devices easily. Sometimes, people are not able to watch their favorite shows or movies. In that situation, Showbox is the perfect solution for them.

Showbox has been developed to assist viewers for watching movies and TV shows for free of cost. There will be no fatigue while watching movies and TV shows on the Showbox application. Well, there is no hard installation method for Android devices. But if you are looking for a PC version. The unluckily, there is no PC version of Showbox. But fortunately, we have a trick for installing Showbox on the PC.

Before moving to the installation process, first have a look upon its premium features.

  • Showbox is an entertainment application.
  • Its user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Showbox owns an immense database for new and old movies plus TV shows.
  • It is supported by all Android devices.
  • Showbox also offers free vouchers for saving you a lot of money.
  • By downloading this app, you can earn point. These points can be used to redeem gifts in future.

Now coming to the main point. How to download this app on the PC. Well, we need another software to run this app on PC. Android emulator is essential for this process. With an Android emulator, we can create virtual Android phone on PC. And then we can run any type of Android app on the PC.


Follow these steps to complete the process.

  • From official website of Bluestacks, download the setup file.
  • Open the file and follow instructions to complete the installation.
  • You will need a Google account credentials to proceed further.
  • Search for Showbox and simply install the app.
  • You are done! Now enjoy your favorite movies.

Let’s try out SHAREit live

We decided since we’re all so swamped by instructions in text on how to use and manage Android apps but there’s so little demos available with visual instructions, we should include a video post as well.

The following post is from the YouTube channel SlashGear. Let’s try to see how we can use SHAREit to send and receive files.

We hope this helps you get more info on how to use this awesome app. Do write to us if you have any queries.

3 Reasons Why SHAREit App Is Faster Than Bluetooth

In any smart device, the most important thing is the data. People have tons and tons of data in various formats like images, videos, songs or documents. Trust me, people have nothing to do with smart devices if they are without data.


Storing a data is not an issue. You can bigger SD cards of flash drives for storing an immense amount of data. But what if you have to transfer this data on another device! Yeah, this is the main problem. People even get goose bumps just by thinking about the data transfer. So how will you do this! I am asking this question. Tell me about the fastest method you will use for transferring data between two devices.


Bluetooth! This is the most obvious answer you will know. Yeah, Bluetooth is still part of all smart people. People use this technology to send data from one device to another. You can instantly send an image to another. Well, that was easy. But let’s talk complicated! You have to send a whole playlist of songs or HD movies! We got a problem here. Because Bluetooth is like gonna take lifetime to transfer these files.

Now you must be thinking about what are other possible alternatives? First answer why you like Android or iOS so much? Apps! That’s what interesting part of the smart operating system. Yes, apps can be used to transfer larger files instantly to between two devices.

Most popular apps include Shareit, Xender and Zapya etc. In my opinion, Shareit is on top. It has replaced the Bluetooth completely and in a better way. It is much faster than Bluetooth. Sending large files is a matter of few seconds now. Shareit made this possible.

Here are the top three reasons why Shareit App is faster than Bluetooth.

No network is required for sending files using Shareit. Shareit does not use Bluetooth technology. It uses the wifi technology for sending large files. But to be clear, Shareit only uses technology not data traffic. It means whenever you will send the file through Shareit, you internet is not gonna charge anything.

In this way, Shareit works 40% faster than Bluetooth. Huge songs and HD videos can be sent within minutes.

There is no compulsion of data transfer. You can send any type of data to any one.

Another best feature is compatibility with all devices and operating system. Even it allows cross platform functionality.

This way, Shareit works faster than Bluetooth.

Note: It does not matter if you are using SHAREit on PC or SHAREit on android device, the speed remains lightning fast.


5 Best Android App For Wi-Fi FileTransfer

Use of Bluetooth and USB cables for file transfer has become ancient. They were popular in the old days. Today is the era of Android apps. I mean every single day, thousands of apps finding their place at Google Play Store.

For every purpose, there is an app. So that’s why we have a whole file transfer apps category on Google Play Store. These apps are the most advanced apps. They don’t use Bluetooth technology for sending files. These awesome apps use Wifi technology for sending files. This method is beneficial. As larger files can be send among devices without using the internet bandwidth.

Here are top Android apps for file transfer that uses Wifi technology.

Air Droid:


Air Droid is the most recommended app for sharing files over wifi. It is equipped with essential technology to serve the purpose. The download and installation process is pretty simple. Once the app is installed, you will be asked to register for using this app. Just put your email and sign up. Now you can send any type of file with any size to your PC.Or you can add significant data from your PC to smartphone. The speed of file transfer depends upon the router. But it is much quicker than Bluetooth or USB cable transfer.

Wifi File Explorer:


It is much alike Air Droid. But Wifi File Explorer lacks extra charms of Air Droid. But the objective is file transfer using Wifi. Well, this app is a lighter alternative to the Air Droid. Like Air Droid, it uses the Wifi technology and connect your smart phone with PC’s browser to the  IP address. In this way, you will have access to SD card and memory of your smart phone.

Solid Explorer:


Solid explorer has not gained so much popularity. But it is a convenient way to transfer files using wifi technology. It is little different app. It creates a secure FTP connection between two devices, You will have access to mobile through a web browser on your PC. The unique thing is that you can bookmark this link. So you will have instant access at any time.



Shareit is the latest file sharing app. Like other apps in the list , it uses wifi technology. Shareit is compatible with most devices like smartphones, PC or tablet etc. You can send files between devices over cross platforms. That’s the distinct feature of Shareit.

ES File Explorer:


It is another app that creates a bridge between PC and phone. The surprising fact is that you can control your files from your phone that  are on PC. You just need an IP address for this purpose.


If you are having trouble in downloading the videos, movies or music files to your android phone. You must download this ultimate app named Vidmate App. It is currently the best video downloader app available in the market. You can download it on your pc, android phone and ios device and stream movies for free.