Android apps on Chromebook now – 2016

The most exciting news of the year for me is ” Play Store and Android applications going to be launched on Chromebook”. As a huge Chromebook OS believer, it was a great news for me. Now we will be having new online and offline apps on Chromebook.


Though, there is still time left for Play store to release on Chromebook officially, you all can experience them on your Chromebook easily. So, if you download Chrome developer channel on your ASUS Chromebook flip you surely can experience Play store right away. When we were going through the app on Chromebook, it was noticeable that few applications were not compatible with the web version as such. Most of the applications like Google Hangout, Keep, Twitter, Microsoft word, Excel and games like Badland, Pac – man, Ramayana adventures and many more are working well on the Chrome OS web. There experience were as good as the Android phone.

For instance, Google Docs being an Android app was working very well for web users. On Chromebook Google Docs you can experience Google docs extra features that are not available for Android mobile users, due to the small screen. If we talk about Google Play movies and songs, then let met tell you that, be it Android phone or Tablet, Google play movies and songs use to work perfectly well. Indeed, now when it is running for Chromebook we can experience the same performance.

In fact, we can say that Google play store and applications are doing a good job for Chromebook OS as they do for Android devices by default. Most of the apps are not developed for Tablets and Chromebook. This is the basic problem with the developers, they launch the app for the Android phone but not the tablet. For that matter, it is an afterthought for them. We are expecting to see the official play store for Chromebook to recognizes the issue with the apps and launch it with a bang.

Indeed, there would be people who love to use Chromebook despite having few things or apps in it. We can say that soon Play store will fill in the gaps. Well, we can just expect Google play store and app developers to work hard on their Chrome OS version for now. Ultimately, Google apps like games, folders, entertainment are working well on Chromebook but not all.

SnapTube for Windows

SnapTube is this amazing app that can be a big asset for internet savvy folks.; This simple app can help you download any video you lay your hand on. Free movies, YouTube videos and TV shows are all available for download using SnapTube. SnapTube for Windows is also a recent popular query. Let’s see what we can do for this app.

SnapTube for Windows PC

SnapTube is an Android app. The app comes from outside the play store, as an APK file. Unfortunately, SnapTube APK cannot be processed by Windows. Windows PC requires your file to be an exe file only, or it will not recognise the data inside it as an application. And as luck would have it, the developers have no SnapTube exe file available to the public.

All this would normally indicate that we cannot have SnapTube on our Windows PC. But thankfully for Android Emulators, we can. What is an Android Emulator, you ask? Well, it is an app that runs Android OS in a window in your PC. This makes a secondary platform on your PC on which your Android app is hosted.

The Android Emulator we recommend is BlueStacks, which is available on their official site ( Another Emulator you could try out is Andy ( And if you’re willing to pay some bucks, we could suggest ManyMo, which is exclusively online and has a lot many features, most often appreciated by developers.

SnapTube app

SnapTube for Windows PC; Procedure

SnapTube for Windows can be effectively used using an Android Emulator. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the app up and running…

  1. On your PC, download SnapTube APK. The apk file can be found on several third party websites. Google Search “SnapTube APK”.
  2. Download an Emulator of your choice. For the rest of this procedure, we’re going to talk assuming you have downloaded BlueStacks, though the procedure for almost every other emulator is the same.
  3. Install the app. Set it up using a Google account.
    Note: Make a new account if you’re uncertain of security or don’t want to use your main account. The app is completely safe, though.
  4. Right click on the APK file. Choose “Open With”.
  5. Choose the emulator in the list of programs. The app will begin to install on your BlueStacks app.
  6. Once it is done, you will receive a notification. The app can be accessed by using the “My Apps” icon on the desktop.

This procedure can be followed for SnapTube on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and all others. The app will run smoothly as ever on all operating systems.

Tip: Make sure to keep at least 2 GB empty space on your PC before using an Emulator. This makes the running smooth and crash-free. More empty space on the PC means more space for the app to play.

PlayView Apk for Android: Step – by – Step Guide

As we all know that PlayView is an movie streaming application. It works as a movie organiser in your phone. There are alternatives available for PlayView in the digital market, but honestly they all work the same way. Therefore, you can pick your choice, it really won’t make a difference. Playview instal

PlayView is especially designed for Android devices but Google Play Store does not support them due to security reasons. The developers have released their original Apk version on their official websites. So, today I am going to discuss step by step guide to install Android Apk file on your devices. But before that let see its exclusive features :-

●    Contains unlimited movies and shows
●    Works amazingly well with good internet connection
●    Users can save movies and shows on their device and watch as they like.
●    Has a simple User Interface – no extra brainstorming required.
●    Movies are arranged with category and date of release.
●    You’ll be updated with upcoming movies and shows, their trailers and critics.
●    There is no buffering while watching
●    Users can choose movie resolution according the the devices.
●    Movies are categorized as thriller, drama, action, romance, documentaries, action and biography.

Now, let’s follow step by step procedure to download PlayView Apk file in your Android device.

Step 1 – To install Apk file your device should be compatible to download apps other than Play store applications. For that, go to your settings > security > Unknown sources > and turn it on.

Step 2 –  Download PlayView Apk file latest version.

Step 3 – Once the downloading process is completed, proceed to install the application and wait for few minutes.

Step 4 – Installation is done. Now, you can enjoy its services as you wish to.

You can follow the same steps for your tablet as well. I have shared all the relevant information that was required for Android users. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

Top 4 Notepad dangerous tricks

      Till today I have just used Notepad as a simple writing tool, where I can write and save anything I want. But there are some amazing tricks that I am sure you haven’t noticed.

     Though, the tricks are quite stunning, I would request all of you to please try them carefully. That is why I have named this article as Notepad dangerous tricks. They all are very easy tricks to try,          there is no extra robotic science added to it. You just need a simple Notepad application on your computer, no other software it needed. So, let’s get started with this, Are you ready ?

  1. Matrix Effect

I am sure you are going to love this one ! It is called “the Matrix effect”. It is basically a sheet that flashes green colour numbers. The steps o follow are -:

Step 1 – Open the notepad on your computer screen.

Step 2 – Copy the code below.

@echo off
color 02
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

Step 3 – Now save the file by the name (Matrix.bat).

Step 4 – Now when you’ll open the saved file, you can see the magic by yourself.

matrix 2


      2. Notepad – personal diary

This trick makes your notepad a personal diary or a log book. You can maintain your daily routine or record especial dates. You don’t need to use pen or paper. I’ll tell you how…

Step 1 – Open the notepad.

Step 2 – Write .LOG on the screen and save the file with any name.

Step 3 – Now when you’ll open the saved file, users can see current date and time flashing on the screen. Now, whenever you open it, the same sheet will open with date and time.


    3. Dancing Keyboard Light

If you observe your keyboard carefully, you will see three small lights on the upper right side of the keyboad  naming “Num lock”, “Caps Lock” and  “Scroll Lock”. With the help of Notepad, users can      always turn them into dancing lights.

    Step 1 – Again open the notepad and copy the code below –

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”

     Step 2 – Now save the file with the name of Dance.vbs (.vbs) is necessary.

    Step 3 – Open the saved file and you will see the lights dancing.

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   4. World trade center

If you all remember the attack on world trade center on 9/11. The flight number was “Q33NY”. Now if you write this number on the notepad, it will show you some amazing stuff. Try these steps -:

   Step 1 – Write “Q33N” on the screen in capital letters. No quotes needed.

   Step 2 – Change the font as “Wingdings” and font size as “72”. You will see something amazing. You should try this one !

You all would be thinking why have I written such a small article. Actually, these 4 tricks are the safest of all. Other tricks are quite risky. Therefore, I request you all again, to please use these tricks      very carefully. I have experienced these tricks by myself. Believe me these are the safest. Please be careful with the dancing light trick.

Hope you like these tricks. For any queries or problems, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you !





Top 5 Antivirus Apps for iPad (iOS)

Viruses have been a real time problem for smartphone users. Especially in this E – Commerce era.

So, when I am talking about Anti – virus and smartphones, it is obvious that I am including iOS devices. Apple devices also entertain viruses like malware’s or Trojans. Here I am writing about the Top 5 Anti  – virus for iPad/iPhone. There are different categories and features added to it. Please compare the apps and then decide to download. I will be giving you a very brief description of the apps, so please forgive me if I don’t cover all the points !


  1. Lookout – an all rounder knight

Of course you can judge from the heading that it takes good care of your phone with an all rounder facility. It is the best way to safeguard your precious phone from threats, thefts and data loss. I        guess you all are familiar with these problems. Lookout saves your phone in may ways like –

  • Locates your phone on any internet connected device.
  • Gives a back up to your contacts automatically.
  • Automatically gives users a notification regarding an insecure version of iOS.
  • Saves your location before the battery life is out.For more information, you can visit their official website.

360 antivirus

       2. 360 security – saves your phone internally


There are some unwanted duplicate pictures, videos and and files that are saved in your mobile. It goes without saying that these kind of data actually eat up your phones memory. Therefore, 360       security allows you to see these unwanted data in one folder, so that users don’t have to work manually on them. It gives you some amazing features like –

  • Unnecessary data in collected in one folder automatically
  • The entire phone is optimized quickly
  • Free’s space by deleting some of the unwanted data.

For more information, visit the official website.



       3. McAfee – Secure your personal life with McAfee


McAfee security app allows you to protect your personal life from hackers and other viruses, I am sorry, I was talking about your phones privacy. Users can enjoy their phone privacy through one of the best mobile security app in the market today ! It gives you some unbeatable features like –

  • Shield your mobile memory via a secure PIN
  • Backup your vault files with iCloud and stay encrypted.
  • Receive beak in alerts automatically.
  • Track your iPhone/iPad through map via internet.

To read more, please visit their official website.


       4. Norton Mobile Security – Lost phone finder


Well it is quite clear that Norton Mobile security is especially made for detecting loss and theft of your mobile. It gives you a very effective and powerful experience of full security. Norton provides  features like –

  • Contact list backup
  • Locate your phone via remote locator feature.
  • Quickly triggers  “scream” alarm in case of lost phone.

That’s it. To read more, please visit their official website.


     5. Avira Mobile Security – Quickest way to discover iPhone


Avira is the quickest way to recover a lost iPhone or iPad, as well as it can check out the possibilities of E- Mail hacking. These two features the very much prominent through its home screen.

Avira’s quick features are –

  • Address book scanner
  • OS checker to update your iPhone
  • Location tracking upto 5 devices.
  • Remote call option to help you find the lost device for free.

Please visit the official website for more information

I have tried to cover all the major points you should know. For any suggestions or questions, please feel free to write your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you

Does Facetime use data?

This is a question that revolves in many of the Apple users. Facetime for Windows is loved by one and all, which is why we all love to video call with our loved ones on it.

How to use Facetime on iPad?

Now the question is; whether facetime use data?

The answer is a sure-shot YES.

Yes because the app is just like Skype or any other video calling, and the servers do need Internet data in order to upload your videos, & audios and show it to the other party!

Most importantly, is the data consumption too high? Whether using this app will cost you more than the actual voice-pack talktime? Or using Skype would be better in terms of data consumption?

Well let us tell you (& most of the APPLE users already know) that the best minds work for Apple and in terms of technology, there is nothing better than what they can think of! Facetime is not only the best video calling application available in market right now, but it also uses the least amount of data! So let’s say you are video calling with your loved one for over an hour, it won’t consume more than 150 MB of data (Exact figure depends on your network connection as well, for example: if the quality of video is too high then you have to pay more)!

Download ShowBox for PC – Windows 10, 8.1,7 and XP

Showbox is the most popular entertainment in the Android town. Within a short time frame, this app has driven the people crazy. Sowbox is an amazing app which allows you to watch great variety of movies and TV shows free of cost.


Since the day one, users are loving this app. Developers always keep updating the app for better experience. For a long time, users have loved this app on the Android phones. But now users are always asking for the PC version. Unfortunately, there is no PC version of Showbox. But there is a trick, with which we can install this app easily on the PC. This article is completely dedicated to the guide on how to Showbox download on the PC.


To be honest, Showbox is heavenly app for TV lovers. You can use this app on all Android devices easily. Sometimes, people are not able to watch their favorite shows or movies. In that situation, Showbox is the perfect solution for them.

Showbox has been developed to assist viewers for watching movies and TV shows for free of cost. There will be no fatigue while watching movies and TV shows on the Showbox application. Well, there is no hard installation method for Android devices. But if you are looking for a PC version. The unluckily, there is no PC version of Showbox. But fortunately, we have a trick for installing Showbox on the PC.

Before moving to the installation process, first have a look upon its premium features.

  • Showbox is an entertainment application.
  • Its user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Showbox owns an immense database for new and old movies plus TV shows.
  • It is supported by all Android devices.
  • Showbox also offers free vouchers for saving you a lot of money.
  • By downloading this app, you can earn point. These points can be used to redeem gifts in future.

Now coming to the main point. How to download this app on the PC. Well, we need another software to run this app on PC. Android emulator is essential for this process. With an Android emulator, we can create virtual Android phone on PC. And then we can run any type of Android app on the PC.


Follow these steps to complete the process.

  • From official website of Bluestacks, download the setup file.
  • Open the file and follow instructions to complete the installation.
  • You will need a Google account credentials to proceed further.
  • Search for Showbox and simply install the app.
  • You are done! Now enjoy your favorite movies.

Zapya Download: Best Method Possible

If you have been in search of an application that transfers files easy and handy, you are at the right place. Also, if you are wondering how would you download the app on your PC’s and/or laptops, we have backed you up. Here, we have come up with a tutorial to help you download the application in the form of steps. Hope it proves to be helpful and easy!

Features of Zapya:

  • It is a speed oriented applications and makes sure that comes up with a fast file transfer process.
  • It also supports sharing files on 5 devices at the same time to save time and make your sharing easier.
  • Share up to 120 pictures equivalent to 5 MB per second speed which is indeed really fast when compared to Bluetooth.
  • It allows for multipeer connectivity options.
  • You can share and receive files within a blink of an eye!

Download Zapya for PC or Laptop Windows 8.1/8/7:

Zapya app is among the fastest growing application available on Google play and also a platform where one can share files without the use of Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can share files across cross platforms which is from windows to AMC or Android to Mac, etc. It works at a faster rate than Bluetooth does!

Download Zapya for PC

After proper research and testing the download procedures for the app, we have brought to you two methods, of which one is by downloading the applications right from the windows operating system and the second includes making use of an emulator. Here are the two ways on downloading the app!

Download Zapya for PC on Windows using Zapya.exe :

  • You can download the app directly from the website by going to the official website and downloading the (.exe) file for your OS in order to be able to have the app on your PC.
  • Once downloaded, you need to install it on your PC and once done with the procedure, you can begin sharing files without the use of any external data in the form of Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Zapya for Pc or Laptop Windows / Mac using BlueStacks:

The Android applications need to be downloaded on to your PC’s by making use of an emulator, an application or you could say an external device on your laptop or PC used for making android apps work on your PC.

  • First of all, begin with downloading an emulator, Bluestakcs App player is one of the best for your PC.
  • Look up for the application and finish off with the download and installation procedures!

You are now all set to begin sharing!

Let’s try out SHAREit live

We decided since we’re all so swamped by instructions in text on how to use and manage Android apps but there’s so little demos available with visual instructions, we should include a video post as well.

The following post is from the YouTube channel SlashGear. Let’s try to see how we can use SHAREit to send and receive files.

We hope this helps you get more info on how to use this awesome app. Do write to us if you have any queries.

3 Reasons Why SHAREit App Is Faster Than Bluetooth

In any smart device, the most important thing is the data. People have tons and tons of data in various formats like images, videos, songs or documents. Trust me, people have nothing to do with smart devices if they are without data.


Storing a data is not an issue. You can bigger SD cards of flash drives for storing an immense amount of data. But what if you have to transfer this data on another device! Yeah, this is the main problem. People even get goose bumps just by thinking about the data transfer. So how will you do this! I am asking this question. Tell me about the fastest method you will use for transferring data between two devices.


Bluetooth! This is the most obvious answer you will know. Yeah, Bluetooth is still part of all smart people. People use this technology to send data from one device to another. You can instantly send an image to another. Well, that was easy. But let’s talk complicated! You have to send a whole playlist of songs or HD movies! We got a problem here. Because Bluetooth is like gonna take lifetime to transfer these files.

Now you must be thinking about what are other possible alternatives? First answer why you like Android or iOS so much? Apps! That’s what interesting part of the smart operating system. Yes, apps can be used to transfer larger files instantly to between two devices.

Most popular apps include Shareit, Xender and Zapya etc. In my opinion, Shareit is on top. It has replaced the Bluetooth completely and in a better way. It is much faster than Bluetooth. Sending large files is a matter of few seconds now. Shareit made this possible.

Here are the top three reasons why Shareit App is faster than Bluetooth.

No network is required for sending files using Shareit. Shareit does not use Bluetooth technology. It uses the wifi technology for sending large files. But to be clear, Shareit only uses technology not data traffic. It means whenever you will send the file through Shareit, you internet is not gonna charge anything.

In this way, Shareit works 40% faster than Bluetooth. Huge songs and HD videos can be sent within minutes.

There is no compulsion of data transfer. You can send any type of data to any one.

Another best feature is compatibility with all devices and operating system. Even it allows cross platform functionality.

This way, Shareit works faster than Bluetooth.

Note: It does not matter if you are using SHAREit on PC or SHAREit on android device, the speed remains lightning fast.